An Unemployed PhD student

So here’s my first blogpost. I should start by saying that I’m highly suspicious of the “blogosphere”, being fairly convinced that it’s mostly a forum for self indulgent farts and the media to stare insistently at it’s own navel. So why start a blog? Mostly because it seems that it opens up a large number of career opportunities, to be honest. I’ve seen too many people without any other obvious talent succeed as a result of their blogposting, so I thought that I might give it a go, too.

In fairness, I have read some fantastic blogs from professionals (although I only heard about them from the regular press) working in the police force and in education.

It seems to me that whilst blogs by media pundits, politicians, or journalists are utterly worthless, there might be some worth in people who write in a genuinely disinterested way. I think this is still possible in the blogosphere, although it surely can’t last. In that way, there is a freedom here which I think is akin to the Gutenberg revolution, although it’s only a matter of time before the plethora of blogs that exist today are reduced to a few “important” blogs of record, in the same way that the pamphlets of the 17th century became reduced to newspapers.

Anyway, thats enough opinion for a start. I am (or was) a mathematics phD student. I love physics, philosophy, mathematics and the interaction between the three.


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